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Cai, Z. (author), van Veldhoven, Robert H.M. (author), Falepin, A. (author), Suy, H. (author), Sterckx, E. (author), Bitterlich, C. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author), Pertijs, M.A.P. (author)
This paper reports a readout circuit for a resistive CO2 sensor, which operates by measuring the CO2-dependent thermal conductivity of air. A suspended hot-wire transducer, which acts both as a resistive heater and temperature sensor, exhibits a CO2-dependent heat loss to the surrounding air, allowing CO2 concentration to be derived from its...
journal article 2016
Chen, X.P. (author), Wong, C.K.Y. (author), Yuan, C.A. (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author)
We report a molecular modeling study to evaluate and select conducting polymers (CPs) as the sensing materials of carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor. The interaction between polymer and gas and the adsorption of the gas molecules in the polymer matrix are investigated. Polymers considered for this work include emeraldine base polyaniline (EB–PANI) and...
journal article 2011
Tang, K.F. (author)
Optical sensor has been introduced to detect anastomotic leakage (AL) in an early stage. AL is a most feared complication in anastomosis operation, because there is no tool that can detect this effectively. Therefore, oxygen and carbon dioxide have been introduced for constant monitoring of the condition of anastomosis. This thesis will...
master thesis 2011