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Abdinejad, M. (author), Yuan, T. (author), Tang, Keith (author), Duangdangchote, Salatan (author), Iglesias van Montfort, H.P. (author), Li, Mengran (author), Middelkoop, J. (author), Wolff, M.J. (author), Burdyny, T.E. (author)
The electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide (CO<sub>2</sub>) to value-added chemicals is a promising strategy to mitigate climate change. Metalloporphyrins have been used as a promising class of stable and tunable catalysts for the electrochemical reduction reaction of CO<sub>2</sub> (CO<sub>2</sub>RR) but have been primarily restricted...
journal article 2023
Asperti, S. (author), Hendrikx, R.W.A. (author), Gonzalez Garcia, Y. (author), Kortlever, R. (author)
Copper is one of the most promising catalysts for the CO<sub>2</sub> reduction reaction (CO<sub>2</sub>RR) due to its unique capability of producing multicarbon products in appreciable quantities. Most of the CO<sub>2</sub>RR research efforts have been directed towards the development of new electrocatalysts to either increase product...
journal article 2022