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Bagemihl, I. (author), Bhatraju, C. (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), van Steijn, V. (author)
Electrochemical reduction of CO<sub>2</sub>using renewable energy is a promising avenue for sustainable production of bulk chemicals. However, CO<sub>2</sub>electrolysis in aqueous systems is severely limited by mass transfer, leading to low reactor performance insufficient for industrial application. This paper shows that structured reactors...
journal article 2022
Blommaert, M.A. (author), Subramanian, S.S. (author), Yang, K. (author), Smith, W.A. (author), Vermaas, D.A. (author)
Typically, anion exchange membranes (AEMs) are used in CO2 electrolyzers, but those suffer from unwanted CO2 crossover, implying (indirect) energy consumption for generating an excess of CO2 feed and purification of the KOH anolyte. As an alternative, bipolar membranes (BPMs) have been suggested, which mitigate the reactant loss by...
journal article 2021
Nesbitt, Nathan T. (author), Burdyny, T.E. (author), Salvatore, Danielle (author), Bohra, D. (author), Kas, Recep (author), Smith, W.A. (author)
Electrochemical CO2 electrolysis to produce hydrocarbon fuels or material feedstocks offers a renewable alternative to fossilized carbon sources. Gas-diffusion electrodes (GDEs), composed of solid electrocatalysts on porous supports positioned near the interface of a conducting electrolyte and CO2 gas, have been able to demonstrate the...
journal article 2020