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Boelens, Niels (author)
The goal of this research is to create a design for a method to enable the generation and implementation of evidence-based throughput times in the planning process of the construction industry. The current planning process and the generation and collection of throughput times relies heavily on experience-based information. Generating throughput...
master thesis 2022
Mohammad Ammar Faiq, Ammar (author)
Cardiovascular diseases are considered as one the deadliest disease and have also been the most prominent health burden around the world and particularly in the Netherlands. Enormously mitigation has been done to reduce the death burden, by improving the quality of health care services and research related to cardiovascular diseases. One...
master thesis 2019
van Bulderen, Sabine (author)
The last decades, the role of data in society has increased rapidly. The Dutch regulation agencies have to embrace this age of digitization. It provides challenges, as the inspection work becomes more complex. It also provides opportunities, because data analysis could make the inspections more efficient. One of these inspection agencies is the...
master thesis 2018