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Ouyang, X. (author), Koleva, D.A. (author), Ye, G. (author), van Breugel, K. (author)
A complete understanding of the mechanisms upon which a filler acts in a cement-based material, e.g. as a C–S–H nucleation and/or growth-inducing factor, is of high importance. Although various studies report on accelerated cement hydration in the presence of fillers, the reason behind these observations is not completely understood yet. This...
journal article 2017
Do, H.Q. (author), Bishnoi, Shashank (author), Scrivener, Karen L. (author)
This paper presents a new approach to model the creep behavior of cement paste at early ages. The creep behavior is simulated by applying a time-varying generalized Maxwell model on the individual elements of a finite-element mesh of a simulated three-dimensional microstructure and compared with results in the literature. All mechanical...
journal article 2016