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Ngo, Q.H. (author)
Flooding is one of the most frequently occurring and damaging natural disasters worldwide. Quantitative flood risk management (FRM) in the modern context demands statistically robust approaches (e.g. probabilistic) due to the need to deal with complex uncertainties. However, probabilistic estimates often involve ensemble 2D hydraulic model runs...
doctoral thesis 2021
Ngo, Q.H. (author), Radhakrishnan, Mohanasundar (author), Ranasinghe, Roshanka (author), Pathirana, Assela (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author)
Flood risk reduction strategies play an important role in flood risk management (FRM) and these strategies are being co-designed with the engagement of the stakeholder through multiple consultations and co-designing sessions. Effective participation of stakeholders in interactive work sessions requires fast and accurate modeling systems with...
journal article 2021
Ngo, Q.H. (author), Pathirana, Assela (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author), Ranasinghe, Roshanka (author)
Probabilistic flood forecasting requires flood models that are simple and fast. Many of the modelling applications in the literature tend to be complex and slow, making them unsuitable for probabilistic applications which require thousands of individual simulations. This article focusses on the development of such a modelling approach to...
journal article 2018