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Singla, A. (author), Šavija, B. (author), Sluys, Lambertus J. (author), Romero Rodriguez, C. (author)
Lattice models have been used to simulate mass transport to predict durability of cementitious materials. In particular, the use of dual lattice meshes allows for the coupling of fracture and transport processes, which commonly occur at the same time in these materials. Literature has shown good agreement between simulations and experimental...
journal article 2022
Romero Rodriguez, C. (author), Chaves Figueiredo, S. (author), Deprez, M. (author), Snoeck, D. (author), Schlangen, E. (author), Šavija, B. (author)
Recently the concept of crack self-sealing has been investigated as a method to prevent degradation and/or loss of functionality of cracked concrete elements. To obtain self-sealing effect in the crack, water swelling admixtures such as superabsorbent polymers (SAP) are added into the cementitious mix. In order to design such self-sealing...
journal article 2019