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Kordes, Arthur (author)
Atrial Fibrillation affects millions of people worldwide. It is associated with an impaired quality of life and an increased risk of stroke, cardiac failure and mortality. Treatments exist, but early detection and treatment is crucial, due to the progressive nature of the disease. Algorithms can help with early detection. Machine learning...
master thesis 2021
Wang, Yuxiang (author)
This is a 5-month master graduation project in collaboration with Praxa Sense to design the next generation Atrial Fibrillation diagnosis device. A long-term (more than one month) continuous, off-hospital diagnosis device is designed with the focus on user experience and diagnosis accuracy. There are several phases in this project including...
master thesis 2019
Snaauw, Gerard (author)
Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) is used extensively in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease. Deep learning methods have proven to deliver segmentation results comparable to human experts in CMR imaging, however, no successful attempts have been made at fully automated diagnosis. This has been contributed to a lack of...
master thesis 2018