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Pintossi, N. (author), Ikiz Kaya, D. (author), Pereira Roders, A. (author)
The adaptive reuse of cultural heritage contributes to heritage conservation, leveraging on the heritage potential to enable sustainable development and enhance urban livability. Yet, it is seldom applied as intervention. This research furthers the knowledge on the challenges to the adaptive reuse of cultural heritage. Through the case study...
journal article 2023
Pintossi, Nadia (author), Ikiz Kaya, Deniz (author), Pereira Roders, A. (author)
Cultural heritage drives and enables sustainable urban development. The adaptive reuse of cultural heritage creates values while prolonging the lifespan of heritage. Similarly, circular economy creates value while extending the useful life of materials and elements through their reuse. Existing studies on adaptive reuse challenges seldom...
journal article 2021