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Khalili, Sodaba (author)
Zaha Hadid’s architectural journey emerges from her early exposure to diverse cultures and her natural curiosity sparked at a young age. Born into a family of influence in Baghdad, Iraq, Hadid’s upbringing, characterized by travels and exposure to significant buildings, laid the foundation for her prestigious career. Despite facing gender biases...
student report 2024
Zaharia, Alexandru (author)
This graduation project investigates the integration of green concrete in construction projects for sustainable development. Green concrete, characterized by the use of recycled materials, reduced cement content, and environment-friendly processes, is crucial in minimizing the construction industry's environmental impact. The study addresses the...
master thesis 2023
Nadella, Sai Nikhil (author)
Converging and lasting global issues such as climate change, global warming, resource depletion, etc. have urged interest in science, technology and policy for systemic societal change. These aspects have led the policy makers in the Netherlands to gradually adopt a transition approach. Over the past few years there is an increase in the...
master thesis 2020