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Zhao, Yikai (author)
Algae remains a focal point of scientific inquiry with its wide-ranging environmental, health, and energy applications. Among model organisms, the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii holds significance, particularly in light of its responsiveness to temperature alterations impacting swimming velocity. Notably, this study...
master thesis 2023
Balasubramanian, S. (author), Yu, K. (author), Meyer, Anne S. (author), Karana, E. (author), Aubin-Tam, M.E. (author)
Living materials, which are fabricated by encapsulating living biological cells within a non-living matrix, have gained increasing attention in recent years. Their fabrication in spatially defined patterns that are mechanically robust is essential for their optimal functional performance but is difficult to achieve. Here, a bioprinting...
journal article 2021
Jongsma, C.J. (author)
From the bacteria living on a keyboard to algae surviving in snow, microorganisms can be found virtually everywhere on the planet. Due to their small size, microorganism swim in the low Reynolds number regime, which has important consequences for their swimming strategies. For motility, these organisms commonly use long slender filaments known...
master thesis 2016