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Wallner, T.S. (author), Magnier, L.B.M. (author), Mugge, R. (author)
Refurbishment is an effective strategy to extend product lifetimes in a circular economy. However, consumers believe that refurbished products are contaminated with traces of prior use, which can be indicated by the appearance (e.g., scratches) or functionality (e.g., lower battery capacity) of refurbished products. This research explores...
journal article 2022
Wiegmann, Paul Moritz (author), Eggers, Felix (author), de Vries, H.J. (author), Blind, Knut (author)
Standard-setting organizations (SSOs) establish goal-directed networks for innovators to jointly shape technology and markets through standards. The degree to which this can succeed depends to a large extent on network characteristics, which may differ substantially between SSOs. Many technological fields face intense competition between SSOs....
journal article 2021
van Rijn, Susanne (author)
In the entire European Region over 80% of the adolescents are not active enough (WHO, 2019b). Physical activity can be seen as an essential component of human health as it can contribute to reducing the risk at several diseases, such as diabetes, depression, and several types of cancer (World Health Organization, 2010, p.10)...
master thesis 2020