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CHEN, JINGYI (author), Hulst, Jorian (author), van Lun, Lieke (author), Lurling, Niek (author), Nouwens, Wouter (author)
Although the industrial release of pollutant substances into North West European river delta has been decreasing over the last decades, The Netherlands still has one of the worst water qualities in Europe. In this strategic regional design we aim to improve the quality, quantity and distribution of water through the concept of sustainable land...
student report 2023
Marjan, Melinda (author)
It is widely known that by 2050 the average temperature is going to increase by 2-3 °C while the precipitation is going to decrease 10-20 % in the North African region. The countries in this area have always been experiencing drought periods but due to the climatic changes, but, these periods are becoming more extreme leaving the population...
master thesis 2019