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Hadler, Noah (author)
From three coherent SAR images it is possible to estimate three interferograms. Combined in a circular way, the sum of the three interferometric phases is called the closure phase which necessarily adds up to zero on a single pixel level. However, if the interferograms are spatially averaged, phase consistency is not guaranteed. In most of the...
master thesis 2022
De Zan, Francesco (author), Rocca, Fabio (author), Ferretti, Alessandro (author), Lopez Dekker, F.J. (author), Eineder, Michael (author)
A recent publication claims that closure phases in SAR interferometry bear no relationship to physical changes of the scatterer, but only to the statistical properties of the averaged pixels. We disprove this claim with a simple counterexample and remind the reader of cases in which closure phases indicate a clear physical content, including...
journal article 2021
Koliolios, Nikiforos (author)
Soil Moisture is a key hydrological variable since it controls the interactions between the atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere. It is responsible for the partitioning of precipitation into evaporation, transpiration, percolation and run-off. Soil Moisture monitoring is used to indicate droughts in vegetated areas and is an important parameter...
master thesis 2020