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van der Leun, Joanna (author)
In advanced capitalist societies, nature has become more dependent on human influence. But some species are living in closer proximity than others. Including the Lesser Black-backed Gull. Throughout the 20th century, human activities have led to changes in the environment of this “synanthropic” species, a species living in close proximity to...
master thesis 2023
Elango, oviya (author)
Emergence of humans as the dominant species of the planet have come along with extreme manipulation of the earth’s systems to sustain this dominance. The Anthropocene has lasted a little over 200 years has perhaps seen the most shift from completely natural systems to requiring an additional man-made system to aid exponential growth of our...
master thesis 2022
Kronmüller, Linda (author)
Belgrade is a city in the Balkan peninsula and has hosted different Empires through the centuries which formed a vivid cultural heritage. When thinking about a possible future identity, the city must cope with its complex history, present memories alive in the city and a range of different narratives that interweave with selfsame. Looking for a...
master thesis 2021