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Giardino, Alessio (author), Diamantidou, Eleni (author), Pearson, S.G. (author), Santinelli, Giorgio (author), den Heijer, C. (author)
This paper presents an application of the Bayesian belief network for coastal erosion management at the regional scale. A "Bayesian erosion management network" (BERM-N) is developed and trained based on yearly cross-shore profile data available along the Holland coast. Profiles collected for over 50 years and at 604 locations were combined...
journal article 2019
Diamantidou, Eleni (author)
The Dutch coast is affected by coastal erosion. In order to limit erosion and prevent inland migration of dunes, sand nourishments have been adopted as a common practice for the maintenance of the coast. The evaluation of the applied coastal erosion policy is achieved by the use of coastal indicators. Increased number of nourishments affects the...
master thesis 2017