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Lodder, Q.J. (author), Slinger, J (author), Wang, Zhengbing (author), van der Spek, A. J.F. (author), Hijma, M. P. (author), Taal, M. (author), van Gelder-Maas, C. (author), de Looff, H. (author), Litjens, J. (author), Schipper, C. A. (author), Löffler, M. (author), Nolte, A. J. (author), van Oeveren, C. (author), van der Werf, J. J. (author), Grasmeijer, B. T. (author), Elias, E. P.L. (author), Holzhauer, H. (author), Tonnon, P. K. (author)
The long-term sediment demand of the Dutch coast is integral to the current Dutch Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management policy. The Coastal Genesis 2 research programme was initiated to address the sustainability of this policy under sea level rise by focusing on key uncertainties in the conceptual model of the sediment demand of the Dutch...
journal article 2023
Lodder, Q.J. (author), Slinger, J (author)
The development of the Coastal Genesis 2 research programme and its role in contributing to Dutch coastal policy are described in the paper. The organisation of policy development related to coastal flood risk and erosion in The Netherlands is addressed, highlighting the division of responsibilities between the policy and operational...
journal article 2022