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Mohajeri, M. (author), van den Bergh, Arjan J. (author), Jovanova, J. (author), Schott, D.L. (author)
Ship unloader grabs are usually designed using the manufacturer's in-house knowledge based on a traditional physical prototyping approach. The grab performance depends greatly on the properties of the bulk material being handled. By considering the bulk cargo variability in the design process, the grab performance can be improved...
journal article 2021
Mohajeri, M. (author), van den Bos, Mats J. (author), van Rhee, C. (author), Schott, D.L. (author)
An ideal unit of bulk transport or storage equipment is able to handle cohesive iron ore with consistent productivity. In practice, however, uncontrollable bulk property variations affect the productivity. Therefore, it is important to understand the effect of uncontrollable variations on the process. This study quantifies variability and...
journal article 2020