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Koppenol, D.C. (author), Vermolen, F.J. (author), Niessen, Frank B. (author), van Zuijlen, Paul P.M. (author), Vuik, Cornelis (author)
A continuum hypothesis-based, biomechanical model is presented for the simulation of the collagen bundle distribution-dependent contraction and subsequent retraction of healing dermal wounds that cover a large surface area. Since wound contraction mainly takes place in the dermal layer of the skin, solely a portion of this layer is included...
journal article 2016
Natenstedt, J. (author), Kok, A.C. (author), Dankelman, J. (author), Tuijthof, G.J.M. (author)
Articular cartilage has limited regeneration capacities. One of the factors that appear to affect the in vitro cultivation of articular cartilage is mechanical stimulation. So far, no combination of parameters has been identified that offers the best results. The goal is to review the literature in search of the best available set of...
journal article 2015
Boon, W.M. (author)
In order to rapidly close skin wounds and prevent further infection, the process of contraction is initiated during wound healing. However, this process has the potential to become problematic as it may result in permanent contraction, or contracture formation. In order to give an insight in the dynamics involved with this process, we present a...
master thesis 2014