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Zhang, Liang (author), Chen, Pengfei (author), Li, M. (author), Chen, Linying (author), Mou, Junmin (author)
The consequences caused by bridge failures owing to the ship-bridge collision are always severe in terms of loss of life, economy, and environmental consequences to individuals and societies. The previous studies focused on the ship-bridge collision mainly concentrated on passive anti-collision, such as strengthening the bridge structure or...
journal article 2022
Chen, P. (author), van Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. (author), Mou, J. M. (author)
The maritime shipping industry has been making significant contributions to the development of the regional and global economy. However, maritime accidents and their severe consequences have been posing an incrementing risk to the individuals and societies. It is therefore important to conduct risk analysis on such accidents to support...
journal article 2019