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Dieudonné, A.A.M. (author), Gatabin, Claude (author), Dridi, Wissem (author), Talandier, Jean (author), Collin, Frédéric (author), Charlier, Robert (author)
This paper presents a comprehensive investigation of the swelling behaviour of a compacted bentonite–sand mixture subjected to hydration under constant volume conditions. Contrary to previous studies, the tested sample was isotropically compacted before being hydrated under constant volume conditions until full saturation was reached. The...
journal article 2023
Rawat, Abhishek (author), Lang, Linzhi (author), Baille, Wiebke (author), Dieudonné, A.A.M. (author), Collin, Frederique (author)
A methodology for identifying and calibrating the material parameters for a coupled hydro-mechanical problem is presented in this paper. For validation purpose, a laboratory-based water infiltration test was numerically simulated using finite element method (FEM). The test was conducted using a self-designed column-type experimental device,...
journal article 2020
Sedighi, Majid (author), Thomas, Hywel R. (author), Vardon, P.J. (author)
This paper presents an investigation of coupled thermal, hydraulic, and chemical behavior of a compacted bentonite buffer under the heating and hydration conditions of geological disposal of high-level nuclear waste. The study presented provides further insight into the evolution of hydro-geochemistry of the compacted bentonite and the clay...
journal article 2018