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Lopez-Covaleda, Edwin A. (author), Ghodrat, S. (author), Kestens, L.A.I. (author), Sacre, Charles Henry (author), Pardoen, Thomas (author)
Compacted graphite iron is the material of choice for engine cylinder heads of heavy-duty trucks. Compacted graphite iron provides the best possible compromise between optimum mechanical properties, compared to flake graphite iron, and optimum thermal conductivity, compared to spheroidal graphite iron. The vermicular-shaped graphite particles...
journal article 2018
Ghodrat, S. (author)
Cast iron components in combustion engines, such as cylinder blocks and heads of trucks, are exposed for long periods of time to elevated temperatures. Moreover, the engines are started and stopped frequently during their operational life, constituting a large number of heating and cooling cycles. In geometrical complex components the sudden...
doctoral thesis 2013