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Kumar, P. (author), Fanzio, P. (author), Sasso, L. (author), Langelaar, Matthijs (author)
The concept and synthesis approach for planar Compliant Fluidic Control Structures (CFCSs), monolithic flexible continua with embedded functional pores, is presented in this manuscript. Such structures are envisioned to find application in biomedicine as tunable microfluidic devices for drug/nutrient delivery. The functional pores enlarge and...
journal article 2019
Peters, H.J. (author), Goosen, J.F.L. (author), van Keulen, A. (author)
Lightweight vibrating structures (such as flapping wing micro air vehicle (FWMAV) designs) often require some form of control. To achieve controllability, local structural property changes (e.g., damping and stiffness changes) might be induced in an active manner. The stroke-averaged lift force production of a FWMAV wing can be modified by...
journal article 2016