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Jafari, S. (author), Esposito, R. (author), Rots, J.G. (author)
To accurately assess the performance of existing unreinforced masonry (URM) structures, the mechanical characteristics of masonry under compressive loading are required. The compression properties of existing URM can be evaluated through different methods, either performing destructive tests (DTs) or slightly destructive tests (SDTs). DTs can be...
conference paper 2018
Ahmadi, S.M. (author), Yavari, S.A. (author), Wauthle, R. (author), Pouran, B. (author), Schrooten, J. (author), Weinans, H. (author), Zadpoor, A.A. (author)
It is known that the mechanical properties of bone-mimicking porous biomaterials are a function of the morphological properties of the porous structure, including the configuration and size of the repeating unit cell from which they are made. However, the literature on this topic is limited, primarily because of the challenge in fabricating...
journal article 2015