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Baliga, Adithya (author)
Novel designs like the Flying-V, Prandtl-Plane and Blended Wing-Body show promise towards sustainable aviation. In the preliminary design phase, Sub-scale Flight Test (SFT) is a reliable method to get insight into the flight behavior of these designs. The effectiveness and value provided by SFT depends on the similitude between the SFT model and...
master thesis 2022
Raju Kulkarni, A. (author), la Rocca, G. (author), Veldhuis, L.L.M. (author), Eitelberg, G. (author)
Growing interest in unconventional aircraft designs coupled with miniaturization of electronics and advancements in manufacturing techniques have revived the interest in the use of Sub-scale Flight Testing (SFT) to study the flight behaviour of full-scale aircraft in the early stages of design process by means of free-flying sub-scale models....
review 2022