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Zhou, C. (author)
Climate change is incompatible with the assumption of stationarity. This has lead to a sharp increase in the detection and study of nonstationarity in hydro-meteorological processes. Most hydro-meteorological processes are still analyzed by studying time series of observations. From the perspective of statistical characteristics, a stationary...
doctoral thesis 2022
Zhou, C. (author), van Nooijen, R.R.P. (author), Kolechkina, A.G. (author), van de Giesen, N.C. (author)
In this paper, a method based on Approximate Empirical likelihood ratio and a Deviance function combined with bootstrapping (AED-BP) is proposed to construct a confidence curve for the location of a change point. The method is compared with a method based on parametric Profile Likelihood and a Deviance function combined with Monte Carlo...
journal article 2020