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Papakyriakou, Thalis (author)
The DC Optimal Power Flow (DC-OPF) problem is a widely-studied topic in the field of power systems. A solution to the problem consists of minimizing the running costs of the power system, through defining the optimal operating state for each entity in the system, while adhering to a set of physical constraints. A lot of research has been...
master thesis 2021
Najjar, Mohamed-Youssef (author)
The optimal power flow (OPF) problem is a classic and widely-studied topic in the field of power systems.Its purpose is to minimize the running costs of a power system by determining the optimal operating points,while respecting a set of physical constraints. While most power systems are currently controlled by a centralcoordinator, there is...
master thesis 2020
Lopes Parreira, Pedro (author)
Multiple solutions for solving optimal power flow (OPF) have been employed, most of them using a centralised approach. However, there is another approach where every node is responsible for the local problem in order to reach a solution: the decentralised optimal power flow (D-OPF). In this thesis, the aim was to improve the speed and...
master thesis 2019