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van der Eijk, M. (author), Wellens, P.R. (author)
The numerical prediction of two-phase flows with an interface is challenging, to a considerable extent because of the high density ratio at the interface. Numerical results become affected by momentum losses, diverging spurious interface velocities, free surface distortion, and even numerical instability. To prevent issues like these,...
journal article 2023
Wang, Dandan (author), Xu, Jinlan (author), Gao, Fei (author), Wang, C.C. (author), Gu, Renshu (author), Lin, Fei (author), Rabczuk, Timon (author), Xu, Gang (author)
In this paper, a deep learning framework combined with isogeometric analysis (IGA for short) called IGA-Reuse-Net is proposed for efficient reuse of numerical simulation on a set of topology-consistent models. Compared with previous data-driven numerical simulation methods only for simple computational domains, our method can predict high...
journal article 2022
Wang, W.M. (author), Sluys, L.J. (author), De Borst, R. (author)
journal article 1997