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Jin, Yucheng (author), Htun, Nyi Nyi (author), Tintarev, N. (author), Verbert, Katrien (author)
Music preferences are likely to depend on contextual characteristics such as location and activity. However, most recommender systems do not allow users to adapt recommendations to their current context. We therefore built ContextPlay, a context-aware music recommender that enables user control for both contextual characteristics and music...
conference paper 2019
Yang, J. (author), Sun, Zhu (author), Bozzon, A. (author), Zhang, J. (author), Larson, M.A. (author)
The "International Workshop on Recommender Systems for Citizens" (CitRec) is focused on a novel type of recommender systems both in terms of ownership and purpose: recommender systems run by citizens and serving society as a whole.
conference paper 2017
van Kortenhof, B.L. (author)
Recommender systems help users explore a large data set by proposing items in that data set that the system expects to be of interest to that user. The use of context, information that describes in which situation a user interacts with the recommender system, has shown to increase the effectiveness of recommender systems in several domains. In...
master thesis 2017