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Liu, Changrui (author)
Relative localization (RL) is essential for the successful operation of micro air vehicle (MAV) swarms. Achieving accurate 3-D RL in infrastructure-free and GPS-denied environments with only distance information is a challenging problem that has not been satisfactorily solved. In this work, based on the range-based peer-to-peer RL using the...
master thesis 2022
Bom, Joep (author)
Binary erasure-repairing codes protect information stored on multiple servers by adding parity servers. A characteristic of a code is its cooperative locality; a measure of the amount of servers that need to be accessed to repair erased servers. This report discusses the cooperative locality of Hamming codes and shortened Hamming codes, using...
bachelor thesis 2017
Lu, H. (author)
In this thesis, major attention is paid to cooperative diversity as an alternative way to achieve spatial diversity when the multiple antenna structure is not an option. By adopting the cooperative relay nodes to forward information, we can mitigate the fading effects, increase the capacity, lower the bit-error rate, increase the achievable...
doctoral thesis 2013