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Fonseca Cerda, María (author)
Floods are among the most common and devastating natural hazards worldwide. A key challenge is to select and implement efficient measures to reduce the flood risk, within limitations of budget, time, space, and societal acceptance. Interactions between joining rivers in flood plains and cities lead to several challenges in flood risk studies....
master thesis 2022
Sellés Valls, Susana (author)
The design of offshore and coastal infrastructures, sand nourishment and other ’soft’ coastal interventions require the analysis of environmental variables (e.g. wind, waves, rainfall) that can potentially cause the failure of such structures. Processes such as overtopping, beach erosion, and coastal flooding can result from a combined action of...
master thesis 2019
Franken, Kris (author)
Subsea pipeline are extensively used for the transport of hydrocarbons from offshore wells, to platforms, pump stations and to onshore facilities. Because the installation of pipelines is time consuming it is responsible for a significant amount of the total costs of a project. Thus the workability of the installation is of great importance.When...
master thesis 2018