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Westsson, E.E. (author)
The increasing energy demand of the world population in combination with tangible climate change effects stemming from rising carbon dioxide emissions is currently characterizing a large portion of the political and societal debate. Despite huge technological advancement in the field of renewable energy resulting in energy prices lower than that...
doctoral thesis 2019
Mann, Daniel (author), Nascimento Duplat, D. (author), Keul, Helmut (author), Möller, Martin (author), Verheijen, Marcel (author), Xu, M. (author), Urbach, Paul (author), Adam, A.J.L. (author), Buskens, Pascal (author)
Au and Ag nanoshells are of interest for a wide range of applications. The plasmon resonance of such nanoshells is the property of interest and can be tuned in a broad spectral regime, ranging from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared. To date, a large number of manuscripts have been published on the optics of such nanoshells. Few of these,...
journal article 2016