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Liu, C. (author), Emadi, A. (author), Wu, H. (author), De Graaf, G. (author), Wolffenbuttel, R.F. (author)
A linear array of 128 Active Pixel Sensors has been developed in standard CMOS technology and a Linear Variable Optical Filter (LVOF) is added using CMOS-compatible post-process, resulting in a single chip highly-integrated highresolution microspectrometer. The optical requirements imposed by the LVOF result in photodetectors with small pitch...
conference paper 2010
Liu, C. (author)
In this thesis, a double-mode linear imaging system is designed for the application of microspectrometers. The imaging system is optimized so as to work with a Planar Double Grating System and a Linear Variable Optical Filter, the combinations of which would be suitable candidates of high-resolution low-cost microspectrometers. This linear...
master thesis 2010