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Cinek, Yavuz (author)
The energy transition is one of the major challenges of the 21st century, impacting the way energy is generated, conserved and consumed. Energy generation becomes more and more decentralised, intermittency and fluctuations suddenly are becoming topics of interest within day-to-day life and energy system operators are facing many new obstacles...
master thesis 2022
Gaona Reinoso, David (author)
In the residential sector, natural gas has been the main consumed energy resource for surface heating (SH) and domestic hot water (DHW) during cold seasons, and substituting this energy carrier with electricity from renewable resources imposes challenges not only in economic but also technical terms. Due to the intermittent nature of renewable...
master thesis 2020
Rasmussen, Ine (author)
During the next few decades, a significant increase in the use of intermittent renewable energy sources is expected in the Netherlands as well as a general increase in electricity consumption. Due to the increased demand as well as a more uncertain, volatile supply, substantial upgrades and redesign of the current Dutch electricity grids are...
master thesis 2019