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Li, N.L. (author)
With the growing concerns over energy depletion and environmental protection all over the world, more and more attention is being paid to energy transition towards renewable energy sources (RESs), energy efficiency improvement, and CO$_2$ emission reduction. Integrated community energy systems (ICESs) emerge in the development of local energy...
doctoral thesis 2022
Li, N.L. (author), Hakvoort, R.A. (author), Lukszo, Z. (author)
Integrated community energy systems (ICESs) are a modern development of local energy systems by integrating distributed energy resources and local communities. Cost allocation is one of the key issues affecting the success of ICESs. Costs should be allocated to those who cause them, and benefits to those who make the investments. A well-designed...
journal article 2021
Van Koppen, R.J. (author)
The transport tariff structure determines the charges to users of the electricity grids. This allocation can give various incentives. It is unclear whether the charges set by the current transport tariff structure reflect the targets set by the government. Furthermore, increased decentralized generation is a likely future scenario. It is unknown...
master thesis 2013