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Dupon, Fréderic (author)
The use of micro air vehicles (MAV) is becoming increasingly mainstream and with them their applications have become more demanding across the board. The application of MAV’s in large GNSS-denied environments often asks for a distributed and scalable localisation system with minimal reliance on static localisation hardware. In this research a...
master thesis 2022
Kemmeren, Max (author)
As the application areas of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) keep expanding, new flight areas are encountered more often. Small UAVs, named Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs), even fly in areas like sewage pipes. These areas introduce new difficulties such as aerodynamic effects caused by the ground and/or ceiling. In this paper two main contributions are...
master thesis 2021
Stroobants, Stein (author)
Accurate indoor localization is essential for autonomous robotic agents to perform tasks ranging from warehouse management to remote sensing in greenhouses. Recently Ultra Wideband (UWB) distance measurements have been used to estimate position and velocity indoors. These UWB-measurements are known to be corrupted by a varying bias. Besides,...
master thesis 2019