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Arkesteijn, Joerie (author)
Following recent proof of swept wing laminar-to-turbulent boundary layer transition delay through base-flow modification using AC-DBD plasma actuators, an experimental investigation is performed to study the responsible physical mechanism. An experiment is conducted on a 45° swept wing in the anechoic wind tunnel at the Delft University of...
master thesis 2021
Serpieri, J. (author), Kotsonis, M. (author)
In this study, experiments are performed towards the identification and measurement of unsteady modes occurring in a transitional swept wing boundary layer. These modes are generated by the interaction between the primary stationary and travelling cross-flow instabilities or by secondary instability mechanisms of the stationary cross-flow...
journal article 2018
Serpieri, J. (author)
The research presented in this booklet focusses on the cross-flow instability. Applying traditional and advanced flow diagnostics, the boundary layer evolution is studied in detail. The topology and evolution of both primary and secondary instability mechanisms is revealed with unprecedented detail for experimental research paving the way for...
doctoral thesis 2018