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Boonstra, Marchien (author)
Personal weather station (PWS) networks have the potential to supply precipitation data at high spatial and temporal resolution for urban hydrological modeling. Past research has shown promising results on the quality of PWS data, for example from Netatmo gauges, but studies on other PWS brands are limited. This thesis assesses the quality of...
master thesis 2024
Struijk, Dave (author)
People who perform work on micro-task crowdsourcing platforms, often do so using a mouse and/or keyboard for many hours at a time, while alternative modes of input could potentially provide a better experience. This research investigates the feasibility of using webcam-based eye-tracking in a micro-task work environment. We accomplish this by...
bachelor thesis 2022
Xu, Yixin (author)
The world’s continuously increasing population leads to environmental challenges, among which, the urban heat island effect has been recognized as one of the leading environmental issues recently. Using traditional weather station (usually one or two within one city and placed in rural area) to monitor and model the canopy layer urban heat...
master thesis 2019