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Zhang, Li (author)
The design of the new cruise terminal for Manhattan aims to revalue the relationships between Manhattan and its river, the very reason for the success story of the city. This re-evaluation is a public process of re-appropriation, in which the public value of the cruise terminal is given back its major role as gate to / from the city. Display,...
master thesis 2020
Bartelings, Tijn (author), Boers, Luke (author), Penning, Maxime (author), Stam, Hugo (author)
Surname is known for its rich colonial history and its export of coffee, cocoa and sugar, produced on plantations. Workforce was pulled away from agriculture industry when bauxite became an important export product which mines got exhausted recently. Nowadays, mining of minerals such as oil and gold is important for the economy of Suriname. The...
student report 2019
Groenenberg, X. (author)
The objective of this study is to determine whether a floating terminal could be a suitable and feasible solution for the realisation of a new berthing location for the cruise ships of the future. This feasibility study is based on the amount of downtime of a terminal due to excessive motions because of wave loading. Therefore, this study...
master thesis 2016