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de Fouw, M. (author), Oosting, R.M. (author), Eijkel, B. I.M. (author), van Altena, P. F.J. (author), Peters, A. A.W. (author), Dankelman, J. (author), Beltman, J. J. (author)
Both cryotherapy and thermal ablation are treatment methods for cervical precancerous lesions in screening programs in resource constrained settings. However, for thermal ablation the World Health Organization stated that there is insufficient data to define a standard treatment protocol. This study used an ex-vivo model to compare the tissue...
journal article 2020
de Fouw, Marlieke (author), Oosting, R.M. (author), Rutgrink, Amy (author), Dekkers, Olaf Matthijs (author), Peters, Alexander Arnold Willem (author), Beltman, Jogchum Jan (author)
Background: Thermal coagulation is gaining popularity for treating cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) in screening programs in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) due to unavailability of cryotherapy. Objectives: Assess the effectiveness of thermal coagulation for treatment of CIN lesions compared with cryotherapy, with a focus on...
review 2019
Janssen, T.A. (author)
The project includes literature- and field studies to identify the needs of the athlete and the sports club concerning cooling of sports injury. Based on the findings a product line is designed that better addresses the needs of the users. The product line proposal consists of two cold packs intended for single use at the sports club. One cold...
master thesis 2014