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Hao, C. (author)
In today’s globalizing world an increasing number of companies design products and services for overseas markets and users. Designers face the challenge of creating solutions that fulfil users’ needs, and this becomes more important as the cultural distance between them continues to grow. Unsuccessful international endeavours which resulted in...
doctoral thesis 2019
Schokkin, Marije (author)
The intensive care unit (ICU) is a special department of the hospital that admits critically ill patients who need intensive monitoring, supporting, and/or take-over of one or more of their vital functions. The patients are monitored and supported by medical equipment as well as a team of intensivists, nurses and other medical staff members 24/7...
master thesis 2019
Hao, C. (author), van Boeijen, A.G.C. (author), Stappers, P.J. (author)
Designing successful products and services that people like, requires an understanding of the context and the aspirations of those people. Over the past decade, a range of methods has been developed to help designers gain such empathy. These have worked well when designer and target user share a cultural context. However, designers often find it...
conference paper 2017