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Ponsioen, Luc (author), van Damme, M. (author), Hofland, Bas (author), Peeters, Patrik (author)
A high quality safety assessment of levee systems requires a good prediction of when the grass cover of levees fail. Current methods relate the onset of failure to the peak in momentum or energy of the flow, instead of the peak in momentum transfer or energy transfer to the grass cover. The critical velocity necessary in the current methods...
journal article 2019
Bijlard, R.W. (author)
There is a shift in the approach for designing coastal structures. In the past, dikes were designed on the probability of exceedance of an incoming wave during storm conditions. In the near future, the design criteria will be the probability of flooding of the hinterland. In order to determine this flooding probability, the strength of the dike...
master thesis 2015