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Shah, Tirth (author), Patel, Nirmal (author), Lomas, J.D. (author), Sharma, Aditya (author)
Technology aided learning is becoming increasingly popular. In some of the countries, online learning has taken over for traditional classroom-based learning. With this, educational data is being generated in vast amounts. Knowing the potential of this data, many education stakeholders have turned to evidence-based decision making to improve the...
conference paper 2022
Gabriela Duque, Ana (author), Gonçalves Melo Pequito, S.D. (author), Rosado Coelho, Joana (author)
Contribution: We re-think the ‘Statistical Analysis’ curriculum building upon system engineering tools where assumptions (e.g., ABET criteria and student profiles) are carefully assessed, a learn-by-mistake approach ensures that several of the main statistical mistakes are learned, and advanced topics are proposed to make a strong connection...
report 2020
Patel, Nirmal (author), Sharma, Aditya (author), Sellman, Collin (author), Lomas, J.D. (author)
This paper examines the use of “pacing plots” to represent variations in student learning sequences within a digital curriculum. Pacing plots are an intuitive and flexible data visualizations that have a potential for revealing the diversity of blended classroom instructional models. By using curriculum pacing plots, we identified several...
conference paper 2018