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Miltenburg, Hero (author)
This paper presents a validation of a parametric compliance matrix of a circularly curved leaf flexure (CCLF), which has been obtained using the direct method. This is done for three case studies. In case study one, the compliance matrix of a single flexure is evaluated. The results are compared with the results from a finite element analysis...
master thesis 2023
van Houten, Aris (author)
Compliant mechanisms and decoupled parallel mechanisms are topics of high interest. The combination has been manifested for lower-mobility mechanisms, yet not attempted for higher degrees of freedom. The scarcity is countered by designing a decoupled compliant spherical parallel mechanism (DCSPM), having three independent rotational degrees of...
master thesis 2021
Delissen, A.A.T.M. (author), Radaelli, G. (author), Herder, J.L. (author)
A zero free length (ZFL) spring is a spring with special properties, which is commonly used in static balancing. Existing methods to create ZFL springs all have their specific drawbacks, which rises to the need of a new method to create such a spring. A method is proposed to design planar ZFL springs with specified stiffness (250–750 N/m)...
journal article 2017