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Oudejans, Daphne (author), Offidani, M. (author), Constantinou, Achilleas (author), Albonetti, Stefania (author), Dimitratos, Nikolaos (author), Bansode, Atul (author)
The interest in and need for carbon-free fuels that do not rely on fossil fuels are constantly growing from both environmental and energetic perspectives. Green hydrogen production is at the core of the transition away from conventional fuels. Along with popularly investigated pathways for hydrogen production, thermochemical water splitting...
review 2022
de Waart, M.A. (author)
The city of Amsterdam has been growing and it continues to grow. While both the amount of visitors and the amount of residents continues to grow, the amount of public space stays approximately the same. This has led to an increasing pressure on livability, accessibility, and public space. Pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike often face the...
master thesis 2017