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Çelik, O. (author), Hosseini, S.M.A. (author), Baran, Ismet (author), Grouve, Wouter J.B. (author), Akkerman, Remko (author), Peeters, D.M.J. (author), Teuwen, Julie J.E. (author), Dransfeld, C.A. (author)
The effect of thermal contact resistance (TCR) correlated to the degree of intimate contact (DIC) between the incoming tape and the substrate on the temperature history during laser-assisted fiber placement (LAFP) was investigated. A novel experimental methodology was designed to understand the effect with a non-contact method which did not...
journal article 2021
Lionetto, Francesca (author), De Nicolas Morillas, M. (author), Pappadà, Silvio (author), Buccoliero, Giuseppe (author), Villegas, I.F. (author), Maffezzoli, Alfonso (author)
The approach for joining thermosetting matrix composites (TSCs) proposed in this study is based on the use of a low melting co-cured thermoplastic film, added as a last ply in the stacking sequence of the composite laminate. During curing, the thermoplastic film partially penetrates in the first layer of the thermosetting composite, leading...
journal article 2018