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Huang, Y. (author)
One of today's challenges in the field of modeling and simulation is to model increasingly larger and more complex systems. Complex models take long to develop and incur high costs. With the advances in data collection technologies and more popular use of computer-aided systems, more data has become available in many organizations. This often...
doctoral thesis 2013
Rust, I.J. (author)
Business process simulation (BPS) provides the possibility to simulate and evaluate the dynamic behavior of business processes, without directly influencing or changing the processes. The main problem is that developing a simulation model is considered to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. For management consulting companies, BPS could...
master thesis 2011
Fumarola, M. (author), Huang, Y. (author), Tekinay, C. (author), Seck, M.D. (author)
Simulation models are often used to analyze the behavior and performance of infrastructure systems. The use of simulation models in multi-actor design processes is restricted to the analysis phase after conceptual designs have been completed. To use simulation models throughout the design process, simulation environments need to be adapted to...
conference paper 2010