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Kim, S.H. (author), Vlijm, R. (author), van der Torre, J. (author), Dalal, Y. (author), Dekker, C. (author)
Centromere-specific nucleosomes are a central feature of the kinetochore complex during mitosis, in which microtubules exert pulling and pushing forces upon the centromere. CENP-A nucleosomes have been assumed to be structurally unique, thereby providing resilience under tension relative to their H3 canonical counterparts. Here, we directly test...
journal article 2016
Berghuis, B.A. (author), Dulin, D. (author), Xu, Zhi Qiang (author), van Laar, T. (author), Cross, B. (author), Janissen, R. (author), Jergic, Slobodan (author), Dixon, Nicholas E. (author), Depken, S.M. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author)
The bidirectional replication of a circular chromosome by many bacteria necessitates proper termination to avoid the head-on collision of the opposing replisomes. In Escherichia coli, replisome progression beyond the termination site is prevented by Tus proteins bound to asymmetric Ter sites. Structural evidence indicates that strand...
journal article 2015