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Korswagen, Paul A. (author), Longo, M. (author), Prosperi, A. (author), Rots, J.G. (author), Terwel, K.C. (author)
Historical masonry façades are sensitive to various damaging processes. A recent study, looking at the initiation and progression of cracks in masonry, in the range of 0.1 to 5 mm in width and thus corresponding to light damage [1], has allowed for the calibration of finite-element models that include a material model capable of accurately...
book chapter 2023
Korswagen, Paul A. (author), Longo, M. (author), Meulman, E. (author), Rots, J.G. (author)
Induced seismicity in the north of the Netherlands has recently exposed unprepared, unreinforced masonry structures to considerable earthquake risk. While the ultimate-limit state capacity of the structures is vital to assess the individual’s risk, their behavior during more frequent, lighter earthquakes, leading to ‘lighter damage’, has shown...
conference paper 2019