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Alorini, Rayyan (author)
The use and value of Open Government Data (OGD) are gaining increasing attention from governments, corporations, and individuals. Governments have developed portals and started initiatives to share, promote and facilitate OGD interactions. The key objectives of the release of OGD by public entities are public responsibility, economic expansion,...
master thesis 2023
Susha, I. (author), Flipsen, M. (author), Agahari, W. (author), de Reuver, Mark (author)
Data has become a core asset, as well as a “management fashion”, of our time. It brings about unprecedented opportunities for data-driven decision making and innovation in various spheres of public life. This concerns data held by governments, as well as companies, academic institutions, non-profits, and citizens. In our study we investigate a...
conference paper 2020
Flipsen, Maartje (author)
To address complex societal issues, cross-sector partnerships are needed that specifically aim to create value to address such challenges. Data collaboratives are initiatives that encourage and promote such partnerships, by the collection, sharing, or processing of data. Data collaboratives are faced with barriers that complicate collaboration...
master thesis 2019